kmk691 Publish time 2013-7-27 09:19

800xa not comm with Aspentech IP21

If anybody having experience in intergrating the 800xa to IP21. please do share.

zkatic Publish time 2013-7-29 16:11


I had succesfully communicated with IP21.Trick is that you have to setup OPC communication. Look atthe 3BDS011222-510_en_System_800xA_5.1_Configuration title "Integrating OPC Servers into 800xA" You need to enable a user inside 800xA that comes from IP21 you will allow to meddle with data in 800xA.Basicaly it is a essential DCOM communication on DA OPC server called Surrogate.

I made communication with a lot of 3rd party systems and this manual has been most helfpful.

Hope it helps.

kmk691 Publish time 2013-7-30 01:14

Thank you Zkatic.

I have configured third party OPC before.

But the new version of IP21 is not having the feature of browsing the OPC path, you have to type the OPC variable directly which was having some problems in fetching data.

zkatic Publish time 2013-7-30 02:15

kmk691 replied at 2013-7-30 01:14 static/image/common/back.gif
Thank you Zkatic.

I have configured third party OPC before.

Sorry then.

It is strange that the new version does not have OPC browsing since it belongs to OPC standard. I had a similar problem with AXEDA OPC server. From my side the only problem was OPCEnum.

Good luck with resolving the problem.

kmk691 Publish time 2013-7-30 03:12

Thank you Zkatic.

The Aspentech service person some how solved the problem.

Rob Publish time 2013-8-5 14:12

A note for anyone collecting data from an 800xA system

When you log data using OPC-DA, you are creating a subscription which creates additional some additional load on the controller communications. If you are also logging Basic History, then in many cases you are logging twice - once for Basic History and once for your Third Party Historian.

The problem is even worse on 800xA with AC450 because these controllers are not very efficient at using OPC.

The workaround for this is to use an OPC-HDA (Historical Data Access) History client if your third party historian has one. The OSI-PI OPC-HDA for example is very good.

The OPC-HDA client connects to Basic History - not to the controller. So for AC450 systems you are not setting up OPC subscriptions. For AC800 systems you get a benefit as well, though not so much.

An OPC-HDA interface logs at whatever logging rate your Basic History logs are set for and can access anything that has an 800xA trend. Also, if your OPC interface stops for any reason, you can usually recover data from the 800xA Basic History. That way you do not lose data from PI or your third party historian if the OPC link fails.

Finally, some local ABB groups may still try to sell you an IMS for this interface. This is not required. OPC-HDA clients can connect directly to the Basic History HDA server on the connectivity servers.

kmk691 Publish time 2013-8-6 02:31

Thank you Rob.
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